An opportunity for people of differing abilities to express themselves in a friendly, supportive environment.



Our Vision

A time when people of differing abilities can together experience companionship, equality, parity of experience, enjoyment, increased wellbeing, and the opportunity to positively express themselves socially and creatively, hence becoming more rounded and content people.


Our Mission

To provide a safe, welcoming, enjoyable and stretching place where people with disabilities or other vulnerable adults, can feel a sense of belonging and community and benefit from social interactions with a variety of different types of people; a place that enables and encourages individuality, inclusion, self-esteem and supportive community.


Our Goals

To offer vulnerable and marginalised people in our community a viable, sustainable, professional centre which will encourage development through creativity and community. We'd like to become a best practice role model to ensure more are provided for with high quality and enjoyable services.