Dear Friends of The Milkmaid,

By now you have probably seen our Facebook and email campaign to raise money for the Railway Station project we’re working on .

Unfortunately we can’t draw on cash that is pledged to us until we have the whole refurbishment budget covered. As you know we have been pledged £174,000 by the Railway Heritage Trust (since April 2013) and the cost for the refurb is £540,00 Because of this the RHT won’t release any funds until this criteria has been met.

The lease would have been signed a while ago but our solicitors needed to get something clarified by the railway company, so that’s put it back a few weeks.

Under our agreement with the architects we need to pay £18,300 to them after stage 3 of the planning journey towards completion. We can’t continue until this bill is paid. The architects are brilliant and understand how the voluntary sector and consequent fund raising works but nonetheless are a small family business and need paying. They have greatly reduced their fees as well.

I have enquired about borrowing the money but the repayments are prohibitive for us so we can’t walk down that road. I am writing to Greene King, British Sugar and Music Sales to see if they could lend us the money (interest free) until the rest of the funding is secured but I don t expect any joy from them as they’ve not been responsive in the past.

Our local authorities are striped for cash so I’m asking the folk community for help.

I know a lot of you have donated some money and even taken up a monthly direct debit to help us which is absolutely wonderful and we don’t expect more from you. We have collected £469.75 through the website and had personal donations at the Apex and folk club of £179 and with £1,000 already in the kitty  we have a total of £1,648.75.

If any of you could do some fund raising for us or have a good idea to raise money I’d be eternally grateful.

This latest situation is extremely disappointing and has been somewhat of a body blow. It has been a long drawn out process negotiating and getting agreements in place. Unless I can raise this money quickly it could interfere with the time scale on refurbishing the building which has to be finished within two years of signing the lease. If we can’t do this in time then we forfeit the lease.

Thank you for your support.

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