The Bury St Edmunds Station Project is over we’re sorry to say!

Anglia Railway have served us with a notice of termination of our lease. They need the land that is part of the property to make a car-park for 33 cars to service the commuters that use the railway. This will not give us any parking spaces at all.

They did offer us a new lease for the property but at the same terms as the original with no reduction in rent to allow for losing the land outside. A condition of our planning consent states there has to be a mini-bus drop off area and parking space for it and disabled parking. There would be no safe area for people with disabilities to walk into the building. Consequently we had to turn this down.

We want to put on record our thanks to all of you that have supported this project. We are extremely grateful for the donations, the physical help and encouragement you have shown us during these past 6 years of trying to set up a centre for both the community and people with disabilities.

Total costs to date are around £30,000. This covered fees, surveys, licenses and some building work and demolition and landscaping. We wouldn’t have got this far without your help. It took 3 years to negotiate the terms of the lease and we’ve been 3 years in trying to raise the money for the refurbishment. We were very hopeful we were about to get the grants needed to start the main work but had to close down our application. It was a blessing we were not granted the funding because Anglia Railways would still have served notice on us.

We are now regrouping and assessing what we do next. The Milkmaid isn’t finished and we’ll take this disappointment in our stride but we’re not going to stop looking for a suitable building to suit our needs. Perhaps we won’t be as ambitious by looking at Grade 2 listed buildings in the future, although the station would have been perfect for our needs.

Watch this space!

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Milkmaid adds Artheads to the family

The Bury St Edmunds based Milkmaid organisation, which provides musical and artistic opportunities and activities for the vulnerable, the disadvantaged and for people with learning difficulties and mental health issues has adopted another local group.

 Artheads, which supports people recovering from alcohol and substance abuse through art and music, and has a base at the Bury St Edmunds Leisure Centre, will now come under the Milkmaid umbrella.

 Artheads previously had charitable status, but this has been wound up so that the group can officially become part of the Milkmaid Community Interest Company.

 CIC managing director, Terry Walden said: ‘This is a great move for the Milkmaid as it allows us to expand our support for people with mental health issues. Artheads was struggling financially so we were particularly pleased to be able to step in to avoid possible closure, as this was far too important a group to let go. Now we believe the change in the management set up will help bring stability and a new energy to everyone involved.’

 The Milkmaid is taking over the lease on the basement at the Leisure Centre and the plan is to make greater use of the resource with added art, creative writing, music and drama projects.

 Artheads, which will now be known as Milkmaid Artheads, currently has around forty members who have free use of the group’s musical instruments and recording equipment. And new members are always welcome.

 Terry added: The Milkmaid Mindset music group and the Artshead music group will merge but apart from that there will be no major changes creatively or artistically, except that it means a better and fuller service for all our users.

 ‘The Milkmaid’s whole ethos is to support vulnerable and disadvantaged people in trying to build a life that is both fulfilling and rewarding through the joy of music, art and performance. Everyone at the Milkmaid and at Artheads is looking forward to this new phase in our development.









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